Inferential Statistical Tutorials

This website documents ways to teach the principles of the Hypothesis Testing Model (HTM) of Inferential Statistics using Monte Carlo techniques.

Images and animations are taken from the software I created while teaching second-year students at Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The tutorials on this site stand-alone as teaching tools. Reference is made to how the tutorials are enhanced by using the software.

Fully functional evaluation copies of the RippleSoft software are available: Click here.



Rationale of Inferential Statistics This tutorial illustrates the "Null Hypothesis" testing strategy of the Hypothesis Testing Model. The tutorial is focused around the question of whether or not females and males have the same reaction time.

Illustration of the relationship between the standard deviation of single observations and how greatly the sample mean changes from one sample to the next.

The CLT says the means of samples are approximately normally distributed and we can use the information from one sample to predict the value of the mean in future samples.

What is Analysis of Variance and how does it work?

This tutorial describes thetheoretical rational for the use of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) for determining whether or not the independent variable was effective.

Unlikely Occurances Improbable events do happen. Here are several I've run heard about.
Unedited Course Materials Over the years I created a significant number of web pages dealing with inferential statistics. I'm posting those pages unchanged to make the information available as I continue to rewrite the tutorials.

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