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Materials from my "Statistics" Course


Why Study Statistics?


From Observation to Histogram
What Std Dev'n Tells Us
Why 5% Type-I Error?
Probability in Modern Science
Memorize Normal Distribution
Values for SD and SEM
Experimenter-ese & Statistic-ese

Principles of Measurement

Transparency master of two normal curves with suggestions forr use
Using laboratory tasks to illustrate statistical power
A Statistical Poem

My Teaching Manifesto
Books Important to Me
File Download Center
Interesting Links
Study Habits

"Lectures were once useful; but now when all can read and books are so numerous, lectures are unnecessary. If your attention fails and you miss part of a lecture, it is lost, you cannot go back as you do upon a book." -- Samuel Johnson (1799)
There ain't no answer
There ain't going to be any answers
There never has been an answer
That's the answer.
- Gertrude Stein
"When psychological scientists speak to or write for general audiences, they should take the opportunity to model the key themes of scientific and critical thinking: that what we know is inseparable from how we know it; that opinions must be based on evidence; that not all opinions have equal validity; and that science gives us probabilities -- only pseudo science gives us certainties." -- Carol Tavris [February 2001 APS Observer ]
"Failures to explain are failures to describe." -- Benoit Mandelbrot (Discoverer of fractal geometry)

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