Measurement Router

Cartoon. Dinosaurs are drawing lines in the dirt using straight-edges. Caption "When dinosaurs ruled the earth."

If Title Gave Goals In which the course is seen as being an introduction to the way in which measurement is applied to behavior events for all science is based upon being able to measure the events (aka phenomena) of interest.
Principles of Measuement In which the principles of Objectivity, Reliability, Validity, and Standardardization are illustrated. Intriguing questions posed.
Levels of Measurement
A measurement is a measurement is a measurement -- NOT.

In which the concept of measurement is defined. Depending upon the manner in which numbers are assigned to events the level of measurement can be categorized as Nominal, Ordinal, (Equal) Interval, or Ratio. Such scales are illustrated.

  • Is intelligence measured at the ordinal, interval, or ratio scale?
  • Is 80°F twice the temperature of 40°F?
  • Hmmmmm. Are these four categories a nominal or ordinal scale?
Operational Definition In which the Concept of Operational Definition is seen to be a description of the process by which a concept is measured.
  • Reading speed
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • "Let there be light!" OK, how much light?
  • "Please brew me a cuppa."
Psychophysical Scaling In which the general topic of scaling sensory magnitude is introduced. Scaling is another word for measuring. Therefore, "In which the general topic of measuring sensory magnitude is introduced."
Additional Examples "Draw a Person"

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